Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unit One!

Unit one of Comp art is complete! here is my stuff!

Project 1: Angry Pancakes: My first foray into the magical exciting land of photoshop, this pancake is rather angry. Not my best, but its an okay first attempt.

 Who wants pancakes?

Project 2: Frog tongue: my second foray, I'm getting a bit better. first use of clone tool and drop shadow. not too shabby for my second project

You might want to get that looked at...

Project 3: splatfant: not exactly a "splat" or a "fant" my plaid puffin still manages to stay classy. Creating the puffin used mainly the warp tool and opacity settings. 

They've gone to plaid!

Newimals: My combination of a penguin and gull turned out rather well, color blending was quite annoying. any gaps made by removing gull parts were replaced by the clone tool. much fine tuning was required.

Flying Penguin!

Clone Project:  The clone project utilized mainly the eraser and the ordering of layers. unfortunately, due to the sheer number of layers, some distortion was inevitable. next time, I should consider using the polygonal selection tool instead of the eraser. All in all, the Max Horder turned out pretty well, and is as ravenous as ever.
I seem to have developed a taste for brains...

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