Thursday, February 10, 2011

I totally want one of these guys!

When I was in Vancouver last Summer, I saw these guys at the aquarium. I now know that they are called Garden Eels, and I really want one. Heard they're hard to take care of though.

I'm drawing a car and wearing a hat!

We are doing a shading assignment in class, where we trace a picture and shade it. My frist attempt was a turtle, but it didn't end up so well. So now I'm doing a car, since those are much easier. It's finished, I just don't have a picture of it to show. Here's a picture of me art-ing:

That hat is really warm, by the way.

Angler Fish Hand Attack!

In class we talked about Guido Daniels, who made animals by painting people's hands. We simulated Guido's work by making plaster hands and painting the crap out of them. Here's my attempt:
If you're wondering what the crap that is, it's supposed to be an angler fish, you know, this guy:

Looking back, I should have posed my hands differently, but oh well.

The First Post!

 Hello there! I am Max McMahon, and you've stumbled across my art-oriented blog! Blog creation is a part of the course work for my Visual Arts I class, so, here it is. On this site, you'll get to expierence my meanderings, random thoughts, and pictures of my attempts to make something that resembles art.
¡Hasta Luego!